Tag based scripting:


Although there are several tutorials out there on this subject already, I felt a need to write one that explains Tag Based Scripting using the default script method laid out by Bioware and Obsidian. All the tutorials that I have looked over on this subject change or alter the default module level scripts to the authors “ideal” way to do Tag based Scripting. This is all fine, and all the methods work, however I feel that it further confuses the Newbe not only when setting their own system up, but also when asking questions on the forums. When a Newbe asks for help on the forums about an item script, those that reply have no way to know which method or tutorial the original poster (OP) is working from, or may not be familiar with the method specified by the OP. Therefore I am seeing a lot of replies that not only offer little help to the Newbe, but in fact frustrate them even more. So, for the first time (that I know of) I am offering a Tag Based Scripting tutorial based on and uses the default method set forth by Bioware (for NWN1) and Obsidian (for NWN2)


Tag Based Scripting – NWN1: Jump to Tag Based Scripting – NWN2

Tag Based Scripting – NWN2: Jump to Tag Based Scripting – NWN1